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PVD-thin Films

Our strength is to create custom coater design to process/substrate needs. As a result of having an innovative approach, own production and process knowhow, our thin film deposition systems enable manufacturing of optical, reflection, semiconductor and solar devices.

Our goals is simple, deliver a robust production/R&D platform customized to customer needs with the best cost of ownership.

Deposition Techniques used:pvd

  • Sputtering (DC/RF/DC pulsed) with (un)balanced/rotatable magnetrons or combinations
  • E-beam
  • Thermal evaporation

Our systems:

  • Flexible dimensions scalable to needs
  • Combination of deposition techniques
  • Full automation with easy(own developed) user interface HMI
  • Turbomoleculair/cryo pumpsystems
  • Specific substrate fixturing with possbililty of cooling/heating stages
  • Our references:

OCTOCOAT 480 (automotive application)

Balanced sputtering Cr/Al on polymere substrates (substrate temperature < 80degrC) , full production > 1million/substrates/year. Complete design of coater/fixturing, production and install of the equipment

For other references, please contact us.