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RGA (Contamination Control)

Our strength is to create custom design with proven high yield RGA Systems suitable for Grade 2(EUV) measurement of monoparts and assemblies.  As a result of having an innovative approach, own production and process knowhow, our RGA systems are THE standard in measuring EUV parts.

Our goals is simple, deliver a robust production/R&D platform, customized to your needs with the best cost of ownership.

Techniques used:

  • OEM high performance proven production parts used (RGA, sensors and pumps)
  • NIST Traceable calibration leak used with mixture of Helium Argon Krypon and Xenon for optimum check of performance of system (automatic insitu validation of performance tool)
  • High performance measurement for Grade 2 on Water (H20), Carbon Hydrons volatile (Mass 45-100) and carbon Hydrons non-volatile (Mass 101-200)

Our systems:

  • Flexible dimensions scalable to needs (big parts in big chamber, small parts in small chamber)
  • Regeneration of tool @ 120DegrC with convective heating
  • Temperature stability during measurement always 20DegrC with smart convective cooling of system
  • Full automatic measurement with creating recipes to perform measurement with easy (own developed) user interface HMI
  • Logging in SQL database and full automatic reports (.pdf)
  • SPC (Statistical process control) to check stability of measurement in time
  • Downloads:

Example validation report of RGA

Full automated generated report of measurement

Our references:

50systems installed, locations world-wide