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CNC machining

Our strength is to create custom design and manufacturing of low volume, complex systems.  As a result of having a workshop of manufacturing and welding specialists we are able to produce clean and complex parts and systems from small dimension to big parts. Materials that are manufactured are only Stainless Steel and Aluminium to prevent cross contamination and unwanted outgassing/evaporation.

Our goals is simple: produce systems to fulfil customer-specific needs with value for money.


  • Production:
    • 800m2 clean production area with lifting 3.2tons
    • Big chamber/milling up to 4000mm.
    • Welding(TIG-MIGMAG-Orbital) up to chambers 4000mm
    • Silver Brazing
    • CNC turning/milling
  • Assembly:
    • 20m2 Class 10.000 cleanroom withlifting 3.2 ton
    • 400m2 clean assembly area with lifting 3.2 ton
    • Ultrasonic cleaning
    • Bake out and RGA measurement

Machinery list:

CNC Milling

cnc1Kiheung Rigitrax                                  Dimensions: 4000x2000x1500mm

(floortype moving column)

cnc2Hurco DCX22                                           Dimensions: 2200X1700X220mm

                                                                         incl. 4th axis






cnc3Hurco VMX30t                                          Dimensions:  760x510x610mm








CNC Turning

cnc5       Hurco TMM10                                                   Dimensions: Ø375x400mm                                            

Conventional Milling

                                                                        Abene                                                         Dimensions: 1000mmx260mm

                                                                        Aciera F3 (3x)                                         Dimensions: 300x140x225mm

Conventional Turning

                                                                        Cazeneuve HBX-360                          Dimensions: Ø450x750mm

                                                                        Hembrug AI (2x)                                    Dimensions: Ø240x400mm

                                                                        Shaublin 102VM                                  Dimensions: Ø150x200mm



TIG (2x)

MIG-MAG (2x)



Hard soldering (Copper - Silver, 425°C - 1180°C)